What is LUE ?


First call of Lorraine Université d’Excellence program: PhD grants.

The PhD grants are grouped according to LUE’s each social and economic challenges

Please be aware that in order to offer a variety of subjects, more positions are posted here than the available funding. The LUE executive committee will make the final choice on the granted funding (up to 12 positions), based on the recommendations by the doctoral schools.

Deadlines for application: see each doctoral school’s schedule (visit each topic)
Each candidate may submit an application for up to three separate research topics.

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Several m€ a year for research and innovation in Lorraine

In association with several partners (CNRS, INRA, INRIA, INSERM, CHRU Nancy, AgroParisTech, and Georgia Tech Lorraine), Université de Lorraine has recently obtained the I-SITE label from the French call on excellence initiatives for a program called “Lorraine Université d’Excellence” (LUE).

LUE will provide, over a long period (at least 10 to 15 years), an annual flow of several million euros dedicated to the development of our academic site as a European and international reference on Global Engineering. The program will be focused on six major social and economic challenges, for which academic institutions and companies can complement each other in order to develop innovative solutions.

In the coming years, LUE will among others enable us to launch ambitious and focused projects to solve key issues within these challenges, and to offer highly visible graduate curricula on specialized topics.

To initiate the program, we are pleased to open several PhD positions starting in September / October 2016. If you are interested in one or more of these positions, please send your full CV and a letter of application to the doctoral school responsible for the hiring, before June 20, 2016, and to the listed PhD supervisor. Feel free to contact the latter for more details on the position.


A project built by a consortium of founding partners

The partners of the initiative have already demonstrated their excellence and potential in research and education.

The initiative aims at developing and densifying the initial perimeter of excellence, within the scope of the social and economic challenges, so as to build an original model for a leading global engineering university, with a strong emphasis on technological research and education through research. For this, we have designed LUE as an “engine” for the development of excellence, by stimulating an original dialogue between knowledge fields.

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