Complete value chain for materials

Storm in the nanoworld

Storm in the nanoworld © Institut Jean Lamour

Resin-carbon fibers sample

Resin-carbon fiber sample © PPE

Défis du Bois competition 2014

“Défis du Bois” competition 2014

The complete value chain for materials, with a view on the circular economy, by mobilizing expertise in materials science, in particular in the areas of metallic materials, lifecycle analysis, and the sectors in which materials are used, taking into account their specific constraints.

Call for proposals (theses)

  1. A New Method To Achieve The Industrial Process Of Thermochromic Thermal Solar Collectors
  2. Functionalised 1D Mesochannels for Electrochemical Sensors
  3. Ab initio studies of thermal effects during All Optical magnetization switching
  4. Energy harvesting for autonomous devices made of SMA/soft-piezoelectric composites
  6. SAW MicroFluidic Lab On A Chip
  7. Magnetic domain wall as wave guide for spin waves
  8. Au-AG nanoparticle surface for spectroscopic ellipsometry detection of water pollutants


How to apply

In order to prepare a PhD thesis within the Lorraine Université d’Excellence Program, the interested candidate should consult the PhD topics offered in each social and economic challenges.
These PhD thesis topics are proposed by faculty members or researchers accredited to supervise research.

Candidate application period: according to graduate school schedule (visit each topic)
Each candidate may submit an application on up to three separate research topics.

Application analysis period by each graduate school
The graduate school reviews the applicants for a doctoral contract in the relevant disciplines. They check the level of supervision for each supervisor and the situation of trained doctors. Each candidate will meet the laboratory director, supervisor and a representative from the graduate school. This interview is to identify the candidate’s motivations and suitability as a candidate for the PhD project proposed by the supervisor. A recommendation will be made to the graduate school. This will summarize the strengths and/or weaknesses of the application.

PhD grants will include monthly income for the PhD student (roughly 1700 € for research only, complement can be provided for teaching missions) and environment for research in the research unit.

Please be aware that in order to offer a variety of subjects, more positions are posted here than available funding. The LUE executive committee will make the final choice on the granted funding (up to 12 positions), based on the recommendations by the doctoral schools.