LUE PhD Positions – Campaign 2017

In order to prepare a PhD thesis within the Lorraine Université d’Excellence Program, the interested candidate should apply for a PhD position offered below.
These PhD thesis positions are proposed by faculty members or researchers accredited to supervise research.


According to Doctoral school schedule (visit the corresponding Doctoral School website given )
The doctoral school reviews the applicants for a doctoral contract in the relevant disciplines. They check the level of supervision for each supervisor and the situation of trained doctors. Each candidate will meet the laboratory director, supervisor and a representative from the doctoral school. This interview is to identify the candidate’s motivations and suitability as a candidate for the PhD project proposed by the supervisor. A recommendation will be made to the doctoral school. This will summarize the strengths and/or weaknesses of the application.

Candidates have to contact directly the doctoral school to apply for one of these PhD positions.

Deadline for all applicants : April 30th, 2017

For any question or problem, please contact :



1 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

Doctoral School : RP2E

  1. Interactions between biogeochemical cycles of the main elements in forest ecosystems
  2. Microrefugia facing climate change: bioclimatic modeling of steep-sided valleys in northeastern France.
  3. The key role of biomechanics for shaping tree stems
  4. How do environmental and ontogenic factors modulate the distribution of growth along tree stems?
  5. Forest biomass and carbon accounting in the French forests: Identification and modelling of inter-specific, management-driven and environmental- patterns in wood density from new records of the French national forest



3 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

Doctoral School : IAEM

  1. Definition, analysis and mitigation of future DDoS attacks
  2.  Cyber-physical systems defense through smart network configuration
  3. Software-defined in-network security analytics
  4. Prediction of future threats using exogenous technical and non-technical data sources
  5. Smart knowledge discovery in databases
  6. Mixed-representation state estimation for robotics
  7. Sensitive data protection in online social networks
  8. Image-based biomechanical simulation of mitral valve closure
  9. Data selection for the lightly supervised training of deep neural networks in the framework of automatic speech recognition
  10. Contextualisation of deep neural network-based speech recognition system
  11. Deep learning based noise reduction approach for ad-hoc microphone arrays
  12. Developing distributed graph-based approaches for large-scale protein function annotation and knowledge discovery
  13. Modeling highly flexible RNA-protein complexes by combinatorial assembly of structural fragments


PROGRAMME IMPACT – Université de Lorraine – Hydrogen Sciences & technologies

6 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

  1. Multi-objective optimization of an eco-district energy hub with Hydrogen as energy vector, including generation and conversion of energy technologies  – Doctoral School : RP2E
  2. Decentralised intelligent control for multi-carrier microgrids applications – Doctoral School : IAEM
  3. How design the future hydrogen users’ needs? A contribution of prospective ergonomics. – Doctoral School : STANISLAS
  4. Elaboration and electrocatalytical properties of Nitrogen-doped graphenic foams as oxygen reduction reaction materials for proton exchange membrane fuel cells – Doctoral School : EMMA
  5. Hydrogen production using nanostructured perovskite-type oxide and reduced graphene oxide – Doctoral School : RP2E
  6. Definition of a Domain Specific Language for the cosimulation of hydrogen-powered microgrids – Doctoral School : IAEM


PROGRAMME IMPACT – Université de Lorraine – Nanomaterials For Sensors

4 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

  1. A New Method To Achieve The Industrial Process Of Thermochromic Thermal Solar Collectors – Doctoral School : EMMA
  2. Functionalised 1D Mesochannels for Electrochemical Sensors – Doctoral School : SESAMES
  3. Ab initio studies of thermal effects during All Optical magnetization switching – Doctoral School : EMMA
  4. Energy harvesting for autonomous devices made of SMA/soft-piezoelectric composites – Doctoral School : EMMA
  6. SAW MicroFluidic Lab On A Chip – Doctoral School : EMMA
  7. Magnetic domain wall as wave guide for spin waves – Doctoral School : EMMA
  8. Au-AG nanoparticle surface for spectroscopic ellipsometry detection of water pollutants – Doctoral School : SESAMES


PROGRAMME IMPACT – Université de Lorraine – GEENAGE (Functional Genomic, Epigenomic and ENvironment interplay to IMPACT the understanding, diagnosis and management of healthy and pathological AGEing)

2 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

Doctoral School : BIOSE

  1. Telomere length and aortic valve calcification
  2. Identification of biomarkers predictive of secondary spondylo-arthritis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)


PROGRAMME IMPACT – Université de Lorraine – Biomolecules

2 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

Doctoral School : RP2E – contact :

  1. Decipher and exploit bacteria-fungi dialogues to identify new bioactive metabolites and promote their synthesis
  2. Create analogues of the anti-tumor polyketide stambomycins by genetic engineering and allied approaches
  3. Purification and biomedical valorization of model phenolic fractions


Molecular Chemistry & Physics

1 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

Doctoral School : SESAMES

  1. Pushing The Limits Of Metallic/Molecular Monolayer Nanoarrays On Electrodes
  2. Towards A Quantum Description Of Complex Systems Using Sets Of Localized Orbitals As Electronic Bricks


Automatic, Mathematics, Informatics & Interactions

1 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

Doctoral School : IAEM

  1. Dirac, Maxwell, and de Rham operators on singular domains
  2. Topology of singular curves and surfaces


Humanities & Languages

1 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

  1. Radicality of the political and ideological struggle against Mai 68’s subversion. Theoretical planning and militant activism of the « law and order Gaullism »(organisations and networks : SAC, CDR, UNI and CFT) from 1968 to 1981 – Doctoral School : Fernand Braudel
  2. Edouard SALIN, archaeologist and collector. A critical approach to the Merovingian archaeological artefacts preserved at the Château de Montaigu, Laneuveville-devant-Nancy (France) – Doctoral School : Stanislas


3 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

Doctoral School : RP2E

  1. Mobility and transfer of rare earth elements from soil to plants by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
  2. “Project risks” in mining operations. Evaluation and commensuration of technical and societal risks, with application to open pit mines during the development and exploitation phases, especially under tropical climate.
  3. The Ni biogeochemical cycle in a tropical agromine metal crop system: consequences of the exhaustion of available soil Ni pool due to sustained harvesting


1 LUE Doctoral Scholarship available

Doctoral School : RP2E

  1. Metrology, Monitoring and Modeling of gases transfer processes CO2 and CH4 within the system geosphere/biosphere (-1000, 0m)