The Lorraine Université d’Excellence (LUE) initiative is based on a research and training strategy for the Lorraine site, which identifies scientific domains shared by the LUE’s core partners, with explicit priorities. The aims set by the LUE initiative are to develop the international leadership of the Lorraine site, on engineering taken in a systemic sense – including the use part – around some major economic and societal challenges.

Based on their proven expertise and commitment to invest their training and research potential, the LUE partners are committed to developing scientific, technological and professional expertise on six major societal challenges. In order to guarantee the permanent resourcing of the scientific field, the emergence of new themes of excellence, and the necessary ripple effect on the entire Lorraine academic ecosystem, while remaining focused on the challenges it wants to address , The LUE funding will allocate 80% of the total resources acquired to these 6 challenges, while the remaining 20% ​​will allow the reinforcement and emergence of new themes, subject to the same requirement for excellence and dynamism.

In this general context, and in addition to programmes dedicated to foster Excellency in Research (IMPACT) or highly interdisciplinary actions (Mirabelle +), the Future Leader program has the role of giving high potential researchers the means to develop a research theme of excellence.  This will enable them to establish a genuine international visibility. A clear mark of this level of excellence is the ability to carry with a good chance of success a project of type ERC grant. The programme can be used on the run to accompany exceptional recruitments. But more generally, it aims to accompany researchers and teachers-researchers of the site who are not yet at the level necessary to launch with a reasonable trust in a response to the call ERC, but who have the desire and the potential .

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