In order to prepare a PhD thesis within the Lorraine Université d’Excellence Program, the interested candidate should apply for a PhD position offered below.
These PhD thesis positions are proposed by faculty members or researchers accredited to supervise research.


According to Doctoral school schedule (visit the corresponding Doctoral School website given )
The doctoral school reviews the applicants for a doctoral contract in the relevant disciplines. They check the level of supervision for each supervisor and the situation of trained doctors. Each candidate will meet the laboratory director, supervisor and a representative from the doctoral school. This interview is to identify the candidate’s motivations and suitability as a candidate for the PhD project proposed by the supervisor. A recommendation will be made to the doctoral school. This will summarize the strengths and/or weaknesses of the application.

Candidates have to contact directly the doctoral school to apply for one of these PhD positions.

For any question or problem, please contact :


Doctoral School Title of the PhD Research Project
Doctoral School : EMMA Ultra-fast optical switching of magnetic nanostructures
Doctoral School :EMMA Ultrafast magnetization dynamic in spintronic devices
Doctoral School : EMMA Development of platinum-free cathodes for hydrogen fuel cells
Doctoral School : EMMA Dynamic management of an electricity storage device based on PEM water electrolysis in a microgrid
Doctoral School : EMMA Development of new structural membranes for tissue engineering allowing the control of  cellular morphology and cell orientation
Doctoral School : Fernand Braudel Conditions of acceptability and integration in the territories of new wind projects: case studies in the Grand Est region.
Doctoral School : IAEM Data-Driven Intelligent Monitoring for Software-Defined Networks
Doctoral School : IAEM Privacy protection against inference attacks in social networks
Doctoral School : IAEM Resilience against malicious attacks in cyber-physical systems
Doctoral School : IAEM Analyse algorithmique fine et simulation du crible algébrique.
Doctoral School : IAEM Online hate speech against migrants
Doctoral School : IAEM Towards hybrid and explainable recommender systems mixing content analysis and collaborative filtering
Doctoral School : IAEM Predicting semantic properties and definitions with deep learning and rich lexical resources
Doctoral School : IAEM Mining Texts at Discourse Level
Doctoral School : RP2E – Contact : Stoichiometric traits as Predictors of Aquatic Communities and Ecosystems responses to global changes
Doctoral School : RP2E – Contact : Innovative screening methodology for metal chelating peptides with antioxidant properties using Surface Plasmon Resonance (TA3 of impact project Biomolecules)
Doctoral School : RP2E – Contact : New lipophilic or amphiphilic derivatives of biosourced phenols as anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative actives
Doctoral School : RP2E – Contact : Modelling of active molecules release from sub-micrometric capsules covered by self-assembled biopolymers
Doctoral School : RP2E – Contact : Valorization of endophytic plant-microorganism interactions to characterize new antimicrobial active molecules for the agrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors
Doctoral School : SJPEG Country of origin and Private Equity investors’ behavior: An analysis of the effects of cross-border investments on Human Resource Management in backed companies